Lynton Deluxe Sewing Cupboard

This cupboard brings you maximum versatility through being compact in size, yet maximises your sewing, preparation and cutting area in one cupboard.


Designed to look like a small side-table, it is able to store your sewing machine, equipment, and fabrics all in a very small space. The cupboard provides a large cutting out area of 1m (40”) x 750mm (23”) at a comfortable height of 925mm (37”) and has a pull-out sewing table, which includes a drop-in box allowing your sewing machine to be made flush with the working surface.


The cupboard is set on castor wheels so can be easily pulled out into the room when you work, providing an 'island type' working station allowing you to work from different angles and heights. If space is limited then the Lynton could well be the answer.

The Lynton Deluxe cupboard shown above waxed inside and out costs £1400, a painted version (outside with clear wax inside) costs £1550.

Dimensions closed width 1100mm, height 940mm, depth 600mm.

Dimensions open width 1565mm, height 940mm, depth 2195mm.