Pantry Units

At Exmoor Furniture, we create pantry units that are made from solid pine and can be painted in any colour of your choice. Behind the doors of the upper section we can include spice racks, or if you prefer, omit them to allow you to have deeper shelves. The narrower units can be made as a single piece or split into upper and lower units like the larger pantries. Check your access to see which will fit into your kitchen or utility room.

Typically the pantries are 2000mm high, 600mm deep and either 900mm or 1500mm wide. Some of the units below are up to 2400mm wide.

Get in touch with our team today for further enquiries. We serve customers in Devon and also nationwide.

The three standard sizes of pantry are shown above and are (in order) 900mm one piece pantry, a 900mm split pantry and a 1500mm split pantry unit.

As you will see in the images below we can change the door style to the Shaker style and alter the paint colour and knobs. The split pantries have a pine top to the base unit but this can be replaced with oak etc.

The prices for the standard units with beech knobs and pine tops (where applicable) are:

  • 900mm one piece pantry £1180
  • 900mm split pantry £1280
  • 1500mm split pantry £1830

Please email or ring for any alterations or variations that you require.

Baker's Pantry

Baker's pantry is a single piece pantry with frosted glass upper most door panel, slate topped flight of drawers and wine rack inside the pantry with spot lights and door spice racks. Painted in Farrow and Ball estate eggshell, this pantry also has metal satin silver metal cup handles. 

If you enjoy baking then you will appreciate the cool worktop the slate offers, as well as space to house your baking ingredients, weighing scales etc. The shelves are both adjustable and the space down the left-hand side of the base gives you plenty of storage for baking trays and cake tins. This unit costs £1895 and comes in the following dimensions:

  • 2000mm High
  • 1000mm Wide
  • 600mm Deep

We can also alter our pantry units to suit your specific requirements. The price of our pantry units depends on the size, base top timber, handles and knobs.

The delivery cost for the pantry is £70 for a 900mm wide unit and £140 for a 1500mm wide unit. For the very large multiple piece pantries, a van and man service is often required. Please email us with your postcode for an accurate delivery cost. 

As with the entire range, these units can be altered and adapted to suit your requirements. A sample of our past work is shown below.

The Butler's Pantry

This is a unit which has all the benefits of the standard pantry with an additional storage cupboard for awkward storage items such as ironing board, iron, broom etc. The left-hand unit has a dummy drawer and upper and lower doors so that the front of the unit looks the same but this is a single door in front of the broom cupboard. The right-hand is a double door unit with shelves and spice racks inside. As these units are hand built, so you can select which side to have the broom cupboard, left or right of the pantry. The unit comes in pre-built pieces which easily come together to form the whole unit. The price for this unit is £1650 and has the following dimensions:

  • 2000mm high
  • 1500mm wide
  • 600mm deep

The Large Butler's Pantry

We have combined our large pantry with our broom cupboard to create this versatile and spacious unit for the large kitchen. Here the two pantries and single broom cupboard share a base with plinth and lift on cornice. The right hand single unit has a single door made to look like the front of the pantry opening to a broom cupboard. The central unit has full depth adjustable shelves and the left hand unit has spice racks behind the doors and adjustable shelves. This unit costs £2600 and comes in the following dimensions:

  • 2000mm high
  • 2360mm wide
  • 600mm deep

In addition to making pantry units, we also create a range of wall units tailored to your requirements.

Exmoor Pantry

The Exmoor Pantry is a clever storage solution for the busy cook. You can store an entire shopping trolley's worth of goods and still have room to spare.

The upper doors feature concealed storage in the front and spice racks in the back of the doors. The lower doors also have concealed storage at the front. Both sets of doors contain three spice drawers.

The central upper section of the pantry has two adjustable shelves while the lower part has two large pull out drawers and a pull out shelf. The lower part also has bottle storage to the left and right. The side wings have cupboards and spice drawers and adjustable open shelving above.

The worktop between the upper and lower sections can be made with a variety of timbers or stone.